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Provide protection, deter fraud, get claims services anywhere in the world and easily manage devices.

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What Device Embedded Insurance Offers

With device-embedded insurance, you can get the right coverage for devices at the point of sale or anywhere along a customer's journey without any hassle or paperwork.
You can also choose from different options and features that suit your business's needs and budget. Whether you want to protect devices from damage, theft, loss, or all three, there is an embedded insurance solution for you. Our API services enable easy integration and management of device insurance and other services.

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What our embedded services provide?

Custom Device Insurance

Get custom device insurance that fits your clients needs directly on your platform.

Device Claims Management

We provide claims validation and management service for devices anywhere in the world.

Device Validation

Get the right information about devices and verify the information being provided.

Device Management

List device as missing, access to device repair history and other actions.


Improve Customer Retention

Adding device protection to your services is a great way to show customers you care about their safety, build trust and keep customers coming back.

Device Insurance Customization

Device-embedded insurance can be customized to fit your business specific needs. You can choose the level of coverage, the time frame, and the payment terms that work best for you.

End-to-End Service

We handle everything from the repairs to the replacments. You also get access to a significant tool in the insurance value chain; a robust admin support for policy and claims management.

Increase Revenue

Benefit from revenue sharing, increasing MRR or ARR to grow your bottom line.

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Custom Device Insurance

Daabo provides access to a device insurance that fits into your business or services, from Edutech, Travel, and any kind of business, Daabo has plans to protect your customers and business devices.
You can send us a mail at Sales@getdaabo.com to create one for you.

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Blacklist devices

You can blacklist devices that have been stolen or misplaced and Daabo will use our global network to help search for the device.
The blacklisted devices will not be allowed to register in other platfoms and would be signified to retailers and repaiers as stolen or missing.

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Device Database

Daabo provides access to a device database to check the repair history and other important information about the device.
The database is also available to provide manufacturer repair and recall updates for devices so you do not cover a faulty device.

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Claims Validation

Daabo validates claims of device damage by using experienced repair professionals and device diagnostics.
We make sure that the device has not been tampered with and has been damaged within the time frame.

Unlock device Insurance in Africa with our insurtech ecosystem!
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