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Insure your device and never pay for repair or replacement

Device insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your devices if they are lost, damaged or stolen.

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Do I Need Device Insurance?

Are you accident prone? Do you have expensive devices that you would hate to get damaged or missing? If so, it might be worth considering getting a device insurance plan. Calculate the value of your devices and see if the cost of protection is worth it. You'll be glad you did!

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What does device insurance cover?


Devices can be expensive and thus very appealing to thieves, getting cover will protect you in case your gadget is stolen

Accidental damage

Dropped your phone and have a cracked screen? Accidental damage cover will help pay for a new one


Misplacing a device whilst on the move is commonplace, device protection plan will get you a replacement

Mechanical failure

If your warranty runs out and your device dies, or if your device is damaged as a result of liquid, you’ll be protected

How it works

Create an account

Register your devices

Request a claim when necessary


You can create a free account on our website or mobile application.

We need some basic information to know about you so we can tailor our services to fit you.
Businesses and device retailers can only create an account on the website.
Contact our online support or email support@getdaabo.com for more info.
Protect your devices

Add up the devices you want to protect, select the plan you want. Pay for the plan based on the value of the device.

Businesses and device retailers can add devices in bulk by downloading the device upload excel sheet, filling it, and uploading it on the dashboard to register the devices.
Make a claim to get device repairs or replacements

Make claims requests when your device is damaged or stolen, or make claims request for customers.

Making claims is easy. You get responses, and the device is repaired or replaced within 36 hours.
We offer a repair cover of 50% of the value of the device, and if the cost of the repair is over 50% of the value of the device, we would require you to cover the remaining fee.



You’ve already spent a lot on getting your devices. You shouldn’t have to spend much to get it fixed.

No Deductions

We do not ask for any extra fee to process your claim or your account.

All Online

Getting device insurance can be done from anywhere you are comfortable on any internet enabled device.

90 Days Warranty

We are all about quality, so there’s a 90 days warranty on every device we repair.

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Old And New Devices

No matter the device you are using, the year you bought it, the condition you bought it or from where you got the device. We will cover devices that are internet enabled and can use our application where necessary.

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We directly manage all aspects of the sales, claims and repair process so you do not have to work with multiple vendors. Cracked screen, water damage? Don't worry, we can send our technician to your location. Whatever works for you, works for us.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage options are available for everything from damages to theft or loss to international cover.
We cover what the manufacturer(s) cannot and offer more than they cover.
Our claims amount paid for repairs is 70% of the value of the covered device if the repair is more we will replace the device.

Difference between Extended Warranty and Device Insurance

Extended WarrantyDevice Insurance
A promise given by the manufacturer for an extended period (longer than what your mobile already comes with by default) that they will replace or repair your phone in case of a manufacturing defect.A device Insurance is dedicated to your device, that will protect and cover for your device in the case of an accidental damage, theft or accidental loss.
Only repairs manufacturing defects, such as overheating, internal damage, software bugs, etc.Repairs damages caused due to an accidental damage (such as if you drop your phone and the screen breaks!).
Can only be repaired by the manufacturer.Can be repaired from anywhere and everywhere. Your device Insurance will cover for the cost of repair and replacement.
Unlock device Insurance in Africa with our insurtech ecosystem!
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