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Better Safe Than Sorry

With a device insurance plan, cover the device you depend on to keep you connected.

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Protects you from Unexpected Expenses

We offer device insurance and other solutions that cover your devices from damages, theft, and loss.
There's a good chance you’ve dropped your device and shattered the screen or it has been stolen. It happens to the best of us. However, in most cases it’s not covered under the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
We cover against the things the manufactuer does not protect.

Curious about what we protect your device against?

Broken Or Cracked Screen

We cover your device if your screen gets broken or cracked.

Theft And Accidental Loss

Lose your device or it got stolen? We've got your device covered.

Liquid Damages

We cover damage caused by accidentally dropping your device in water or spilling liquid on it.

International Cover

We know that accidents can occur anywhere. Our device protection cover extends beyound your home country.

Accidental Damages Repair

We cover your devices against accidental damages.

Power Surges Due to Lightning

We provide cover agaist damage caused by power surges due to lightning.

How to protect your device

Create an account

Tell us a bit about yourself

Register your device

Let us know about the device you want to protect

Pay the fee for your device

Pay for the value of your device in order with no extra fees

Your device is protected

That's it, your device is already being protected

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Protect New or Old

We offer device insurance for different kinds of devices no matter the manufacturer or the year it was made.
No matter the device you are using, the condition you bought it or from where you got the device. We will cover devices that are internet enabled and can use our application where necessary.

Claims & repairs on a mobile device

Repair Options

We provide an easy multi-step repair process from when you request a claim to when you receive your repaired device.
You can also get damaged devices picked up and delivered to you when they have been repaired.

A shield

90 Days Warranty

We offer a 90 days repair guarantee for any repair done out on any device.
Excluded from this are damages to the device caused by usage or accidents.

More features. At no extra cost

Repair agent

We send repair agents to your business to fix devices on site.

Pick up and delivery

We pick up your device to fix and return within the same day, within select locations.

Local in-store repairs

With nearly 700 authorised repair store locations, your device gets fixed in hours—not days.

What your Insurance Plan does not cover


We do not cover device accessories and also any damage caused to your device by accessories.

Pre-Existing Damages

Pre-existing damages to the devices. Meaning, if the device has already been damaged before buying our device Insurance- we cannot issue a device Insurance policy for your phone.

Tampering, Modifications and Unauthorized repairs

We do not provide cover for devices that have been tampered with, modified, and repaired without our authorization.

Easy Claim Process

Report a Claim

Tell us about your heartbreak. Login to your account on any dashboard and tell us about it.

Pickup or drop off for repair

We will either send you directions to the nearest repair center or pickup the device.

Device fixed

Your device will be fixed or replaced, no hassle, no paperwork.

Unlock device Insurance in Africa with our insurtech ecosystem!
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